Leadtime is less than 3 weeks for standard repairs, retube, bias or simple mods. NO ON THE FLY REPAIRS ! PCB based amps may take a little longer and will be more expensive than PTP amp repairs because of their time consuming nature (Taking out PCB). Same goes for USA amps if we need to order custom parts. Service time and used components must be payed when picking-up amp. Full service report will be included together with invoice.

*minimum service is 75€ vat incl. without used components (= measuring all tubes 1 by 1, all electrolytics ESR check, detection of any oscillation problems, bias check, power run check, 5 min soaktest, microphony and noise check, speaker impedance test etc ... )

Pure tube amps only. No pedals, microphones, pro audio gear, SMD electronics, digital fx, tape recorders etc ...

a VERY welcome for service
Vintage Fender (tweed, blackface, silverface), Vintage Gibson, Vintage Vox, Vintage Hiwatt, Vintage Marshall, Silvertone, Supro, Vintage Ampeg, Magnatone, Matchless, Black Cat, Vintage Music Man, Orange, Selmer and most boutique amps.

not working on these
Peavey Engl Mark Bass Marshall Valvestate Mesa Boogie Blackstar Rivera Vintage Modified Fenders Fryette SMD amps DSP amps
(If in doubt, just send us a mail )

Repairs and modifications can be dropped off or picked up any day from monday-friday during opening hours after making an appointment.