Soulbird is a compact, lightweight, 100% tube handwired blackfacestyle combo.
Inspired by both Princeton Reverb and Vox AC15 it has a big sound and incredible spring reverb.

After building and servicing tube amps for about 20 years, Soulbird combines all we've learnt throughout the years: absolutely noise free by using shielded cable internally and custom mass dividing, very natural break-up because of a modified power supply, custom EU overwound transformers, top notch components such as Carling switches and CTS pots. Only the best is good enough.

Made In Belgium, 1 by 1 with +90% EU & USA made components
(transformers, boards, chassis, switches, pots, wiring, speaker, cabinet, ...)

Power (rms): 15w
Speaker: 12" Jensen Alnico Blackbird 40
Preamp tube: 12AY7
Reverb driver tube: 12AT7
Phase driver tube: 12AX7
Rectifier tube: 5V4
Power tubes: 2 x EL84
Open back combo
Controls: volume - bass - mid switch +/- treble - reverb - USA/UK switch - power
Custom EU output and power transformer
Dimensions (WxDxH): 52cm x 42cm x 24cm
Weigh: 15 kg
Finish shown : Standard honey tweed

Soulbird front


price: 1600€ vat inc, 4 weeks delivery time

built-in attenuator 100€
tilt legs 100€
version with Celestion Blue 150€
hand oiled cabinet 50€


Custom coverings available:

standard tweed/oxblood grill, black tweed with oxblood grill, yellow tweed with black grill, black tweed with black grill, natural oiled cabs: dark walnut, medium walnut and clear natural

Demo-unit available in workshop for test