NEW AC16 combo !

Mix up a Fender Deluxe Tweed 5E3 and an early Vox AC15 put it in a natural wood cabinet with transparent shellac and this is what you get ! a powerful and lightweight 12" combo that beats many other 15W combos because of the very efficient but lightweight Celestion Blue Alnico speaker. Because of the very short circuit and the cathode bias powerstage this is a very responsive amp that eats pedals.

*normal and brilliant inputs + tone
*adapted 5E3 Fender Tweed circuit (slightly less gain to drive the EL84)
*Jupiter Astron decoupling caps throughout
*2 x JJ EL84 cathode biased powerstage
*Celestion Blue Alnico speaker
*Custom overwound hi grade EU transformers
*handwired on eyelett board
*F&T electrolytics
*bipolar cathode bypass caps
*Carbon Comp resistors
*Amplifier efficiency: 1kg/Watt = 15kg
*W 510mm x H 450mm x D 220mm

basic combo version:1400€ vat inc (can be both tweed or natural wood)
flightcase: 300€ vat inc
padded cover: 50€ vat inc
built in attenuator: 75€ vat inc

available for testing in workshop