Brown Deluxe 5E3


Tweed Deluxe 1957 5E3

special VI features:

+350€ 35oz Alnico speaker - vintage incorrect but soooo sweet ;-)
18mm pine cabinet
4 x Mundorf hi-grade Polyprop Tin decoupling caps
1 x Paper in oil decoupling cap NOS
F&T power supply caps
mix of carbon comp resistors and metal film
100% handwired on eyelett board
output transformer made with authentic material, paper bobbin, exactly after original specs for the1957-1959 Fender 5E3

price: 1350€ vat inc
guitarplayer info
(Fender Custom Deluxe = 2169€)

available for testing in workshop



a mix of early 1484 and 1483 silvertone circuitry ... a never agressive tone, beautifully compressing. Simple one-trick pony amp. 4-8-16 ohm ouputs (2). 2 x 6L6 GC running 40W. Input, Volume, Bass, Treble ... can't be easier ? Sounds and rocks like hell, impossible to find a smoother distorting amp ! ... only ONE will be made ... just for fun ... sometimes I want to do something ... All Mercury Magnetics transformers. 1000€ vat inc. Be fast, available for testing.


Mix up a Fender Deluxe Tweed 5E3 and an early Vox AC15 put it in a natural wood cabinet with transparent shellac and this is what you get ! a powerful and lightweight 12" combo that beats many other 15W combos because of the very efficient but lightweight Celestion Blue Alnico speaker. Because of the very short circuit and the cathode bias powerstage this is a very responsive amp that eats pedals.


*normal and brilliant inputs + tone
*adapted 5E3 Fender Tweed circuit (slightly less gain to drive the EL84)
*Jupiter Astron decoupling caps throughout
*2 x JJ EL84 cathode biased powerstage
*Celestion Blue Alnico speaker
*Custom overwound hi grade EU transformers
*handwired on eyelett board
*F&T electrolytics
*bipolar cathode bypass caps
*Carbon Comp resistors
*Amplifier efficiency: 1kg/Watt = 15kg
*W 510mm x H 450mm x D 220mm

basic combo version:1450€ vat inc (can be both tweed or natural wood)

Pure Class A 15W

Pasted Graphic


basically a triple Fender Champ in a head but instead of 6V6 3 x EL84 .... all el84 are decoupled which means you can pop-in every working el84 new or NOS or both ... and make your own sound ... transformers are overwound which means lo-end, bite and headroom !!! Thé recording amp !

Volume, input and 4-8ohm output

900€ vat inc and available for testing in workshop


We build combo amps to custom order. Mail for quote if you need something special. Single channel amps, hand soldered and point to point only. Our amps are built using a mix of Ohmite Little Devil carbon comp resistors, F&T electrolytic caps, stocked NOS parts, US Paper wound transformers or custom wound transformers to our specs, Jupiter Red Astron decoupling caps, stranded silver wire etc

Tweed Champ: 5F1 circuit, Jensen P8R, 900€ vat inc
Tweed Champ: same as above but with 12" Jensen P12R, 1000€ vat inc
Tweed Deluxe: Standard 5E3 circuit with Jensen P12Q, 1350€ vat inc
Tweed Deluxe: Head: same as above but headcabinet, 1150€ vat inc
Tweed Deluxe +: FAD version (stays a little cleaner and 3db more efficiency) with Eric Johnson Alnico speaker and built-in power attenuator: 1600€ vat inc
Tweed Super: 5F4 circuit with 2 x P10R Jensen, 1800€ vat inc
Tweed Pro: 5E5 circuit with 15" P15N combo, 1950€ vat inc
Tweed Bandmaster: 5E7 circuit with 3 x Jensen P10R, 1950€ vat inc
Tweed Bassman: 5E6 circuit with 4 x P10R, 1950€ vat inc
Tweed Lo Power twin 5E8 circuit with 2 x 12"Jensen C12N, 1900€ vat inc
Tweed Hi Power twin: 5F8 circuit with 2 x 12" Jensen P12N, 2300€ vat inc

Tube Reverb: 6G15 circuit, 750€ vat inc
Princeton Blackface 10": AA1164 circuit, 1600€ vat inc
Same as above but headversion: 1500€ vat inc
Deluxe Reverb Blackface: AB763 circuit, Jensen C12Q, 1900€ vat inc
Same as above but headversion: 1800€ vat inc
Super Reverb: AB763 circuit, 4 x Jensen P10R, 2300€ vat inc
Same as above but headversion: 2000€ vat inc
Same as above but 15" combo version: 2100 vat inc
Twin 2 x 12" combo, AB763 circuit, 2500€ vat inc
Same as above but headversion: 2250€ vat in

JTM45 Head: Standard Marshall circuit, 1500€ vat inc