We build combo amps to custom order. Mail for quote if you need something special. Single channel amps, hand soldered and point to point only.

Our amps are built using a mix of Ohmite Little Devil carbon comp resistors, F&T electrolytic caps, stocked NOS parts, US Paper wound transformers or custom wound transformers to our specs, Jupiter Red Astron decoupling caps, stranded silver wire etc


-handwired on transparent plexi turret board
-Atom Sprague power capacitors
-Dale epoxy coated 1% precision metal film resistors
-SoZo Next Gen Vintage caps
-Overwound US transformers
-12" WGS speaker
-switchable extra 8 ohm speaker out on jack
-handwired on teflon wire
-choked PSU
-NOS tubes
-glossy handlacquered fingerjointed all US pine tweed cabinet
-improved humfree grounding scheme
-LED jewel pilot light
-Dakaware bakelite control knobs
-CTS pots
-Switchcraft jacks
-Carling switches
-"whiskey" clothed power and speaker cable
-Belton Micalex tube sockets
1 x 5Y3 NOS Sylvania rectifier tube
1 x 6V6 STR TAD power tube
3W/7w Class A
NOS 5751 Sylvania preamp tube
Volume, on/off, impedance switch

Based on the classic but in 12" version with improved transformers, extra switchable out on jack, humfree and no compomise heavy duty component choice.
1350€ vat incl

options: padded amp cover: 90€ vat inc